Where can I get a card?

For now, our cards are available on our Etsy store

The app doesn’t work!

First, be sure that your device is on the “compatible devices list”. Also update your OS to have the latest Android version, the AR Fun Stuff app works only on Android 7 (8 on some devices) and later.

The app works but the character doesn’t appear / move correctly.

For best results, the image must be flat on a surface lower than the user. If a kid is using the app, the best way is to place it on the floor or a small table. Also, the room needs to be sufficiently lit the help the camera detect the image.
It is also important not to write on or otherwise alter the image, doing so will almost always prevent the app from detecting the image.

Does it work with my iPhone / iPad?

The AR fun stuff app currently only works on Android devices. We are however hard at work to make it available on iOS.